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{ I'm a ten-ticket thrill ride

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take a seat and enjoy the ride

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ABOUT: I'm a pretty simple girl living in a godforsaken suburb with absolutely no local friends. I seek solace from my online friends who make my life worthwhile. I draw, i paint, i write like a maniac, and i'm so bipolar it hurts. that doesn't mean i'm always yelling like the TV shows say, i'm just not the most reliable person when it comes to ~*emotions*~. I used to go to college but now i'm pursuing a career in legit writing- none of this fanfic nonsense (though I do succumb to it now and a then) and i'm positively enthralled by RPGs
ADDICTIONS: L A D Y G A G A ,anything involving girls with other girls causing mayhem, protecting the earth, and finding time to fall in love, anything from the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, skittles, cheezits, coca-cola (not diet, not zero- classic, motherfucker), smoking in excess, sitting outside on a wonderful spring day between 60-85 degrees, writing writing writing, making things, fixing things, being an all around lipstick
WISDOM: "He who hesitates is a damn fool" —Mae West

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